The meaning of OWN IT!

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Earlier this week I spoke with someone who is near and dear to me. She has gone through a lot, and because of that, she has done things that make her ashamed of herself.


“Everyone in town is staring at me because they know,” she said. “I’m being judged left and right.”


Through her tears, she said two words that I consider bad language: “I’m unloveable.”


Obviously, I couldn’t take that kind of attitude.


“Enough is enough!” I said. “Who cares what people think?”

“I do.”

“Well you shouldn’t,” I said. “The only person whose opinion matters is your own. Other people don’t make you happy. You make you happy.”

From this conversation, I came up with a new catch phrase. It has to be in all caps with an exclamation point or else it doesn’t work: OWN IT!

You OWN how you feel about yourself. You could be fat, skinny, short, tall, wide, round or even blue. It doesn’t matter. OWN IT!

OWN the messy hair you didn’t have time to style. OWN the rolls you have when you sit down. OWN the size of your jeans, and don’t for a second let anyone else tell you you are not worth it. 

This kind of thinking is why I started my store and why I started this blog. So many clothing companies want to shame you for not being a certain body type. Department stores create a small section that’s separate for those who are “big and tall,” and that’s if you’re lucky. Sometimes they don’t carry your size at all or the only clothes they carry were designed for Thanksgiving pilgrim cosplay. 


Now my question for you all: what is something people tend to judge you for? How will you start to OWN IT! going forward?

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