About Us

Welcome to the family!

I am Ellie Campbell, and I am a plus-sized ball of fire. 

Through the years, I have struggled with my weight. I went from size 0 to size “I don’t even know anymore.” I felt worthless. I endured hurtful comments—some from people who claimed to be my friends. I didn’t think I could be loved unless I was that size 0 girl again.

I pitied myself for a long time, and then one day I woke up, did my make-up and looked in the mirror. To my surprise, the girl I saw talked back to me.

“Why are you feeling sorry for yourself?” she said.

“Because look at me,” I replied. 

She looked me up and down before stating, “I don’t see it.”

“I’m not skinny anymore.”


“So that means I’m not beautiful.”

“That’s nonsense!” she exclaimed. “Who said only skinny was beautiful?”

“Um, everyone.”

“Well everyone is wrong. You are beautiful. Now go out and flaunt it!”

Throughout the years, I have come to find out that the woman in the mirror was correct. Beauty isn’t some exclusive club that only one body type can get in. It doesn’t discriminate based on size. No matter who you are, you are beautiful, and I am determined to make you understand that.


Our Mission

We are more than your typical boutique. Yes, we want to sell you clothes, but our main goal is to empower you. We want to teach you to love yourself, and if you decide to buy what we sell, we want it to reflect your beauty.


Meet My Family

I haven’t always been Ellie Campbell. The story of how that happened started about two years ago in the magical potato land of Idaho. I was recently divorced, raising three kids while working full-time as the marketing manager for a trucking company.

One day, I was swiping through profiles on Tinder, when one came up that caught my eye. He was a nerdy guy named Christopher Campbell. Unlike most boys on the app, he did NOT live with his mom, and he was NOT working a dead-end job. He was a news producer at the local TV station, which sounded interesting. So naturally, I swiped right.

To make a long story short, we met, I loved him, he loved me, he loved the kids, the kids loved him, and we got married. 

Chris helps me out a lot in this company. His background in journalism makes him a master at content creation. He writes, shoots photos, shoots videos and edits all of the above. I am grateful to have him because I am strong at marketing but I’m not the best at all that content stuff.

When we first met, it was vital that he got along with my kids. They are my world.  Everything I do revolves around them. Let me introduce you to them:


Katherine or Katie is also known as my mini-me, and let me tell you, she’s going places. She is exceptionally creative. Her favorite thing to do is make what she calls “experiments.” Basically, she mixes whatever she can find around the house and observes what happens. Of course, this hobby gets messy, and it can definitely get annoying, but I admire her love of discovery.


Chloe is a complete spitfire. She is energetic, and she knows what she wants. She doesn’t just do things because other people want her to do them. She is also as sharp as a tac. Her favorite thing to do on our phones is play games that require some kind of strategy.


Kaleb is the youngest, and he’s a lady killer. Yeah, sure he’s only five, but I can tell he’s going to break many hearts in his lifetime. His defining trait is imagination. He loves pretending, and his favorite thing to be is a dog. You can be having a normal conversation with him, and suddenly, he gets on all fours and starts panting. 

Keep In Touch

Send us a line! We would love to hear from you. We love compliments, but we would also like to know if there is any way to improve our site or if there are any products you would like to see.