Fall Candy Corn Halloween Skirt

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When you imagine Halloween season, you probably think of children running around dressed as little goblins or pumpkins with faces carved into them that light up. One of the most underrated parts of the holiday is candy corn. We go through so much candy corn in our house, we're pretty much made of the stuff. The serving size is only about 21 pieces, but we think it should be 21 packs.

If you are as obsessed with candy corn as we are, you cannot go without this skirt. It is the ultimate way to show off your obsession. It is your statement to the world that yes, you do love candy corn. It is festive, but it's just classy enough to wear to parties, your job or even a date. The soft fabric and flared cut make this skater skirt so comfortable, you may want to fall asleep in it.

It is also perfect for all body sizes. It comes in a flattering cut that looks good on everyone, and it comes in all different sizes.

Here are the basics of the skirt:

• 82% polyester, 18% spandex

• Smooth fabric

• Mid-thigh length

• Elastic waistband

• Overlock seams, coverstitch hemline